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Special Courses

Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz offers special courses: Law English: Aimed to lawyers, law students and notary. Requirements: Placement test. Duration: 30...

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International Exhibitors


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Placement Test

The placement is aimed at people who have already studied English. We have 2 classifications for all ages: Beginners and intermediate. The Beginners test...

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Online classes

Online classes are designed with a pedagogical platform that will allow you to develop different modules, in a very easy and fast way. A teacher will be...

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Evaluation systems and materials used

Each module is given in two stages, each stage comprising of 30 hours instruction. The module has two examinations administered after each stage.

Students are permanently evaluated by means of the assessment system and the administration of diagnostic, formative, and summative tests.
The student’s learning process accounts for 40% of the total grade, and the remaing 60% is from the results of oral and written exams. Grading reports are delivered to students upon the completion of each module.

The students use:

  • A text book and an exercise book (work book)
  • Audio tapes with contents appropriate to each level
  • Reading books: The institute’s program is based on literature, as it is through reading that the students have the opportunity to interact in class using the language, and, at the same time, to develop their critic and creative thinking
  • Computers and Internet for the preparation of works and research
  • The library, where students develop a special interest in reading
  • Academic materials room, where the teachers select the resources that are appropriate for the classroom