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Special Courses

Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz offers special courses: Law English: Aimed to lawyers, law students and notary. Requirements: Placement test. Duration: 30...

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Online classes

Online classes are designed with a pedagogical platform that will allow you to develop different modules, in a very easy and fast way. A teacher will be...

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Broadway Program

Broadway Program (training for musicals)

Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz-Music & Arts emphasizes student participation in activities such as musical assemblies, musical groups, choirs, and different types of art groups. By doing this, each student develops a discipline and sense of responsibility required to be an integral part of a group. Also the students creativity flourishes as they are in constant contact with other like-minded artists. 



Art disciplines

Every year, the conservatory organizes a musical production. Each production integrates different art disciplines, including, singing, dance, and theater. Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz-Music & Arts offers its students the training in each one of these disciplines, and gives them the opportunity to be apart of Broadway like events.

Musical Theatre International

It is worth mentioning that to present each musical, the Conservatory contacts the company that manages the rights for allBroadway plays, MTI (Musical Theatre International). MTI requires that the musical to be produced has all the characteristics of the original play, so that it is enjoyed by spectators the same way that it would be if the audience was in Broadway itself. This is one of the reasons why we perform our musicals in English.





At the beginning of the year, the conservatory organizes a meeting among teachers and students, and the play is introduced. It is very important that all persons interested in becoming part of the play attend this meeting and the initial workshops. This allows the teaching staff to see the students abilities and for them to get to know each other. This places the teachers in a better position to choose the appropriate part for each of the students. Each student is evaluated in both singing and acting. According to his or her level and physical characteristics they are assigned the part they will play. 


Rehersals take place on Saturdays, but as the opening night approaches a lot more time is dedicated to practicing.

Those students who were not able to participate in the first rehearsals are still welcome to join, and may eventually become part of the production. Acting is a fabulous and fun way to learn a language.  


At each rehearsal, the student acquires better knowledge and improves acting techniques, singing, and dance. Finally, by the time the premiere comes around, they realise that all their efforts have paid off. This always results in the staging of a great musical that is enjoyed by the community, all thanks to the hardwork of the Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz-Music & Arts conservatory.